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Welcome to AUMAC, Ankara University Mammalian Research Collection, we continue loading the skull samples on the web page, please look at the genera under the orders for skull samples

The skull collection of Turkish Mammals (*=No speciments available)

Order: Hyracoidea*
Order: Rodentia
Order: Lagomorpha
Order: Soricomorpha
Order: Chiroptera
Order: Cetacea*
Order: Carnivora
Order: Pinnipedia*

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More About Inventory

*The vertebrate inventory of Turkey is composed of more than 350 fresh water, 512 marine fishes, 34 amphibians, 133 reptilians, 484 birds and 170 mammals. Of mammals, about 160 are terrestrial.


*Ankara University Mammalian Research Collection “AUMAC” comprises more than 7000 specimens including skins, skulls along with tissues stored in -80 ºC. In the frame of joint research or upon special requests by mammalian systematicans, skins, skulls and the chromatogram of any mtDNA genes can be provided for specimens available. 


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