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Welcome to AUMAC

Turkish Mammalian Orders (*=No speciments available)

Order: Hyracoidea*
Order: Rodentia
Order: Lagomorpha
Order: Soricomorpha
Order: Chiroptera
Order: Cetacea*
Order: Carnivora
Order: Pinnipedia*

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More About Inventory

*The vertebrate inventory of Turkey is composed of about 314 fresh water, 512 marine fishes, 34 amphibians, 133 reptilians, 478 birds and 170 mammals.

*Ankara University Mammalian Research Collection “AUMAC” comprises more than 7000 specimens including skins, skulls along with tissues stored in -80 ºC. In the frame of joint research or upon special requests, the chromatogram of any mtDNA genes can be provided for specimens available. 

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